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We’re your premium game development studio. We won’t give away our ‘secret sauce’ but we’ll tell you that it has everything to do with strong work ethics combined with a relaxed work environment. All of this result in a perfect habitat for the birth of our games. we know the drill to converge a thought into reality by putting our efforts. We have done that before and will keep on repeating.

Out Of the Box Ideas

Indeed an idea can change your life if it is an well built thought.


Our strength lies in bringing an idea into existence in the form of a game by using the standardised process of development. We don’t believe in just finishing the task we rather believe in completing it.

Iterative process

Our main weapon while developing a game is thorough discussion. We discuss and enhance the idea pixel by pixel before we proceed and we iterate this until it turns out into a complete product.

Mobile Optimized Games

We focus on game performance and to deliver the most optimized experience across every device

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